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Bow Wow Says Girlfriend Leslie Holden Bite and Scratch Him In Vicious Attack

Bow Wow injuries

Bow Wow says his girlfriend Leslie Holden bite and scratch him in a vicious attack.

Rapper Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, is revealing the nasty injuries he received in a fight with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Leslie Holden last weekend. Both the rapper/actor and Holden were taken into police custody in Atlanta on Saturday when the two allegedly brawled at a pre-Super Bowl party. Both their mugshots were revealed, and only Bow Wow had scratches all over his face.

Apparently, there were more injuries not visible that Moss is now showing to his fans. In some new photos released by the rapper, you can see some bite marks on his side as well as close up images of the scratches on his forehead. Bow Wow says there are more scratches all over his torso.

Bow Wow and Leslie Holden mugshots
Bow Wow and Leslie Holden mugshots

He is blaming Holden for attacking him with a chair and other objects, while she is blaming him for assaulting her in a jealous rage because he saw another man talking to her. Police are saying that both parties are blaming each other for being the aggressor in the fight, so they arrested both of them.

Some eyewitnesses are saying that Holden was the aggressor so at this point it’s his word against hers.