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Soulja Boy Being Investigated For Kidnapping and Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is under police investigation for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

After having one of his best weeks online, Big Draco is now getting some bad press in what could turn out to be a serious situation. A female name Kayla, who the Soulja Boy use to date, filed a police report claiming that he tied her up and held her hostage after stomping on her with his feet. TMZ reported that the female was at the rapper’s home in Agoura Hills, California on Friday night where the alleged incident went down.

The site reported that Soulja Boy and Kayla had an argument at his home just outside Los Angeles and he asked her to leave. While she was backing out of his driveway, her car hit the curb, and Soulja’s assistant became agitated over it. Sources say the assistant and the rapper’s ex-girlfriend started to fight and he went outside to break up the fight.

It’s still unclear what took placed when the SODMG rapper went outside since we don’t have his side of the story. She told cops that he tied her up inside his garage with an extension cord and left her there for six hours. She called police after she was released and sent home. She also said she went to a hospital to get treatment for her injuries.

Authorities have confirmed that there is an active investigation into the matter and Soulja Boy could be arrested for kidnapping and assault. The site reported that cops didn’t divulge the name of the person under criminal investigation and Soulja didn’t respond to questions about the story.

This could spell big problems for Soulja Boy who is on five years probation for a gun conviction. Under the terms of his probation, he is not allowed to get himself into any more legal troubles, and he is not allowed to carry a weapon or threaten anyone, or else he could be sent to prison.