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Nicki Minaj Savagely Diss Drake & Meek Mill In “Barbie Gon Bad” Freestyle

Nicki Minaj Drake Meek Mill beef

Nicki Minaj savagely disses Drake and Meek Mill in her new “Barbie Gon Bad” freestyle.”

Nicki Minaj is far from being done with her haters and critics, and it appears her old friend Drake is now feeling her wrath. We’re still clueless what happened between Nicki and Drizzy, but we are all very much aware of her bitter split with Meek Mill. So why is the Trini rapper now dissing her Young Money label mate?

Nicki dropped off two new songs during Saturday’s episode of her Queen Radio program on Apple Music’s Beats 1. The show got off to a late start, but she appeased her patient fans by getting right down to business with some new music. Some lyrics in “Barbie Gon Bad” immediately caught fans attention and for good reasons.

“When you lose the Queen ni**as friendly dog / It was just back to back Wembley dog / Now you all the way back up in the Bentley dog / I turn lemons into lemonade simply dog / Oh boy you my brother tried to end me dog,” Nicki Minaj raps.

In that line, she is making references to Drake and Meek Mill old beef which gave birth to the legendary “Back To Back” diss track that almost ended Meek’s career and earned Drizzy a Grammy in the process. Nicki was dating the Philly rapper at the time, and after that fiasco, Drizzy revealed that she was the one who told Meek about some ghostwriting rumors in one of their pillow talks sessions.

Nicki Minaj also referred Meek Mill’s court case where a judge sent him back to prison for probation violation. “I was in the court no Jay’s and B’s / Made her change her mind in the judge chamber sleaze,” she spits.

Nicki also made some ghostwriter references later in the track when she raps, “Imitating Nicki, while your ghostwriter dissin’ me.” Some fans thinks that’s another shot at Drake.

Listen to “Barbie Gon Bad” below.