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Ja Rule Encouraged Fans To Curse Him Out At Concert over Fyre Festival Fiasco

Ja Rule concert

Ja Rule wants to be cursed out over the Fyre Festival fiasco.

The rap icon encouraged his fans to curse him out at one of his concerts on Friday night. Yes, Ja Rule is still touring and is still performing for his fans despite not having a hit song since he was hot. Sounds like something that 50 Cent would say bit it’s the truth, but Ja is still out here putting on a show for his hardcore fans, and that’s a good thing.

Clearly, the former Murder Inc rapper is feeling guilty because so many people lost their money as a result of the failed festival. Ja Rule has been very vocal about his regrets and even offered an apology to one woman who lost all her life savings as a result of the failed festival.

At the concert, Rule flipped the bird up and told his fans to do the same and direct their anger towards him. “I want y’all to repeat after me, and let me he hear you say, ‘F*** you, Ja Rule,’” he told the audience who complied. He then told the crowd “f*** Y’all too” before performing one of his hit songs.

Fyre organizers and Ja Rule have been getting some bashing since January when Netflix and Hulu aired a documentary about the controversial festival.