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Meek Mill Pulled Over By Cops In Kingston For A Photo Here Is The Video

Meek Mill

The po po want photos too Meek.

Meek Mill got pulled over in Kingston last night, and when he asked the cops why he was being pulled over, they say that they wanted a photo with the famous rapper. The Philly rapper is certainly not the most famous international star to touch down on Jamaican soil recently, but he is undoubtedly getting the most love, even from police officers.

Drake and DJ Khaled was in Jamaica in December, and the cops didn’t even look in their direction, but as soon as Meek stepped out of his private jet, all eyes were on him and in a good way. Rather than asking for drivers license and insurance, the two police officers simply ask the Dreamchaser rhymer for a photo and send him on his way.

It appears Meek rounded up his entire crew for a fun-filled vacation this week in Jamaica. He has been documenting his vacation on Instagram, and all of his other rapper pals stateside should be envious given the polar vortex that gripped more than half the country. The Midwest and some other places saw some record cold temperatures, but of course, none of that is affected Meek Mill who is soaking up some sun, water, and Red Stripe beer in hot and sunny Jamaica.

Meek Mill has a bad history with police officers, but this time the experience was unlike the ones that sent him to prison and cost him a lifetime of probation. Check out his reaction in the video clips below.