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D’Angel Drops Stinging Spice Diss Track As Their Beef Intensify

Spice and D'Angel

D’Angel drops a new Spice diss track “Mind Yuh Business.”

D’Angel steps away from the social media back-and-forth with Spice and go in the studio for a new diss track. The Yellow Moon Records-produced single arrived just days after Beenie Man’s ex-wife released a video clapping back at the “Black Hypocrisy” deejay who called her ungrateful.

“Me a do me and them a do them / years me a look this and me never see them / Never yet call them name or put them to shame / And a never me did trouble them,” D’Angel sings.

The big question now is will Spice respond or will she quash the beef that is shaping up to be a scandalous affair at the top of the new year? The “Sheets” deejay says she has never picked a fight with any other artists in the business and even offered up $1 million to anyone who can show evidence she did otherwise.