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Spice Claims D’Angel Cheated On Beenie Man With His Best Friend


Spice went on the attack again with D’Angel in her sight.

After D’Angel uploaded a series of videos ripping her enemy Spice, the “Sheets” deejay has now responded. After getting wind of the video clips, the self-proclaim Queen of the Dancehall went on her Instagram Live to blast the First Lady of Dancehall. According to Spice, D’Angel not only got married to Beenie Man but also lost the ring when she cheated on the dancehall king with his close friend.

“You said girl that your pu*** give you ring, but it’s the same pu*** make you lose the ring because you f*** the man friend,” she said. “Imagine now you a f*** from so long and no man never married you, and the man take you up and married you and gave you a ring, and you couldn’t contain your pu***. You take your same pu*** and go give the man friend a New York. Remember your pu*** gave you ring and it’s the same pu*** that you couldn’t control make you lose back the ring.”

Spice also denied D’Angel’s claims that she begged her for a collaboration before they did “No Worries.” “How me could a so hot and beg you song?” she asked. “A the little hotness what me have unnu hate me for me see it clear as day.”

This saga is far from over since Spice promised more is coming on Saturday.

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