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Aidonia Shares Some Positive New Year’s Message For His Fans

Aidonia 2019

Aidonia shared a powerful New Year’s message for his young fans.

Dancehall hitmaker Aidonia is using his platform to send some positive message to his young fans at the top of the new year. The 4th Genna leader posted a video clip on Instagram yesterday with one simple message for his fans for 2019, make Jamaica a better place and make a better life for yourself.

“Happy New Year inno yo see it,” Donia said. “More life inno, more blessings inno, winnings inno. Bun off all negativity inno, in a the new year yo see it. You done know a only positive we a pree for this year a so the youths them fi a pree to dog, let go the bag of gun thing and the bag of f***ery yo see it, and hold a meds and try make it out of life pon a real meds and a real level.”

Aidonia continues to say that Jamaica is the best place on earth, but we need to unite and let go off bad energy.

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Happy New Year the Genna way ?? #aidonia

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