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Did NBA YoungBoy Beat Up His Own Security With Quado Rondo

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy might’ve added his security team to his list of targets.

A new video surfaced online showing YoungBoy Never Broke Again attacking and beating up a man believed to be a member of his security team. Last week, the Baton Rouge rapper attacked a fan at his concert in South Carolina for trying to snatch his chain. The video clip of the incident went viral online. The rapper’s security had to separate him from the man who tried to take his chain off his neck.

Fast forward to Christmas week and NBA YoungBoy is in the news again for another fight. The video below shows the rapper on top of another man punching him while the man tried helplessly to keep him off using his feet. A second clip shows Quando Rondo fighting another man. Sources say that the man getting beat up is a member of the rapper’s security team.

It’s unclear why NBA YoungBoy would be fighting the man who is protecting him, but this could spell danger for him since this is someone in his inner circle.