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Kodak Black Had A Birdman Moment Storms Out Ebro Interview Over Rape Case Grilling

Kodak Black interview

Did Kodak Black had a Birdman moment on Hot 97 this morning?

Kodak Black got furious and walked out an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden after being asked about his pending rape case. The interview on “Ebro In The Morning” was going well until Kodak Black’s rape case came up. The Pompano Beach rapper answered a wide range of questions about his career and upcoming album and everything seemed to be going well until Ebro broke the ice on his pending sexual assault case.

“With respect to everybody involved in that case, and we can’t get into details, but we take sexual assault very serious,” the radio host said. Ebro told Kodak Black that he knows that they can’t get into great details about the case, but he hopes that the rapper can come back on the show to speak more on the pending matter before the courts. “We hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that because it’s a serious topic. We’re hearing these stories a lot,” he continues.

After a brief uncomfortable moment of silence from everyone in the room, Kodak Black let his feelings be clear. “I feel like… Sometimes when n***s like me going through sh*t ya’ll be entertained by bulls**t,” Kodak said. “Change the subject or I finna walk out.”

By that time Ebro already got upset and responded to the “Tunnel Vision” rapper saying, “We don’t have to talk about nothing else. We can be done right here.”

Kodak Black got up and walked out the interview despite Rosenberg attempted to squash the whole thing. During the commercial break, you could hear Ebro in the background yelling that no one can tell him what to talk about on his show. This whole situation is in reminiscence to when Birdman got upset and stormed out an interview on “The Breakfast Club.”

While Kodak Black’s fiasco may no quite elevate to the Birdman level, it sure makes for good entertainment and will like give birth to a flurry of memes.