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Gucci Mane Breaks Down Why He Is The “Best Rapper Alive”

Gucci Mane best rapper

Gucci Mane stepped forward to explain why he thinks that he is the “Best Rapper Alive.”

For most of us, Lil Wayne is still the best rapper alive, but for Gucci Mane, that title belongs to him. Weezy has been holding on to that covetous title for about a decade now, although some may argue that it’s still up for discussion who the best rapper alive is right now. Guwop sat down for an interview with The Cruze Show recently where he was asked the question.

“A hundred percent me,” Gucci said unequivocally. “Who is doper than me, I want to hear Y’all tell me. I got a million reasons why I am and why would somebody else be better? Where they been, who they helped, what they’ve been through? You know what am saying what’s their track record, did they do what they said and when did they did it? How many hurdles have they jumped? How many oppositions have they had?”

Gucci Mane listed out a long list of reasons why he thinks that he is the best rapper alive, and it was well said, but what do the fans think? The vast majority of his fans feel that he is speaking facts, but there is a large segment of hip-hop who disagrees with him. Gucci is getting ready to drop his new album Evil Genius this Friday. The project has been in the works for months now.