Gabrielle Unions Roasted By Jamaicans For Her Thanksgiving Oxtail

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is proud of her Thanksgiving oxtail, but Jamaicans had a much different reaction.

The actress is getting hammered on social media after showcasing his oxtail dinner on Thanksgiving day. While Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade might’ve enjoyed their oxtail, some Jamaicans were rolling their eyes wondering if it was really the infamous oxtail and beans dish or some other type of oxtail dish she was cooking.

On Thanksgiving Day, Union decided to share via her Instagram Live, her personal chef showing her how to cook oxtail. She later showcased the finished product that left a lot of people from “yaad” is dismay.

Gabrielle has never been shy about her love for Oxtail, and she is not alone. If you haven’t yet tasted some good authentic Jamaican oxtail, you haven’t lived. “NYC livin!! Thanks @therealpecas 4 the dinner & sangria at Sofritos!! I slaughtered them oxtails boy, fell right off the bone,” she tweeted back in 2012.

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Oxtail this or no? ? made by #gabrielleunion

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