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Young Thug Has Been Released From Jail After One Week


Young Thug was released from jail one week after he was locked up.

Atlanta rapper Young Thug walks free from a Dekalb County jail just moments ago following his arrested just over a week ago. The Barter rapper, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, is still facing a mountain of felony charges, but for now, he can rest easy at home with his family after his attorneys managed to secure his freedom. AJC reported that on Wednesday a judge reinstatement his bond which paved the way for his release.

Thugger was thrown back into the slammer on November 8, 2018, when he failed a drug test. He was tested positive for a prescription drug and marijuana before his bail was revoked. Since then the #FreeThugger movement has been in full swing with rappers like Meek Mill, T.I., and his BFF Lil Uzi Vert all lending their voices to the campaign.

Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, asked the judge to give his client another chance while making reference to his mental health and substance abuse issues. Thug is believed to be hooked on oxycodone, the primary ingredient in the notorious drug sizzurp, or lean, which was made popular by hip-hop culture. In his court hearing on Wednesday, the rapper told the court that he just wants to go home to his six children.

“I just want to be home with my family and be right,” Thugger said. “This is real life… I’ve got a son 10, 11 years old… They look up to me… I’m sorry, and I won’t disobey again.”

Young Thug told the judge that he hates that fact that his kids have to be seeing him in and out of jail and vows to change his ways. The judge gave him the benefit of the doubt and reinstated his bond, which means that he will be under heavy scrutiny going forward. Thug is still facing several felony charges stemming from an arrest in September of last year when cops pulled him over for having dark tints. His vehicle was searched, and drugs and guns were found in his possession.