Love & Hip Hop Spice Claps Back At Critics Of Her New Look, Meet Coconut Milk

Spice Coconut Milk

Spice isn’t allowing her haters to get to her.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star shocked the dancehall community last week when she debuts her new look. At first, we thought that it would be a temporary move to promote her new single “Black Hypocrisy” and her new mixtape Captured is on the way. But now we are learning that Spice 2.0 or Coconut Milk as she’s been called will be around for quite some time. In a post on Instagram, the dancehall diva says she will keep her new alter ego around for a while.

Spice posted a photo of herself while on her way to wash her car and she was looking much lighter than what we’re used to. “Want you to know that I see all the comments,” she wrote. “Now every one begging me back for the “Black” spice but did they appreciate the “black” spice when I was repping for dark skin women for 30 years? When I should have been encouraged and thanked I was being dragged for my complexion by the same black women.”

The “Black Hypocrisy” deejay is also holding out on letting her fans know whether or not she did bleach her skin. For now, she is calling her new look Coconut Milk. “So should I haunt you with #coconutmilk for 30 more years?” Spice wrote. “I hear some say ok spice we get it now and I learn my lesson but have you? They say it’s Makeup but is it? Captured mixtape drops this Friday, Nov 2nd and so will the truth.”

Sources told Urban Islandz that Spice plans to take her alter ego, Coconut Milk, on tour with her. She believes that most of her fans didn’t appreciate her black skin until now. “They never appreciate her melanin magic until now so you know now they will appreciate other black girls,” sources said. “Colorism is a major problem and has been going on long before Spice. We all need to take a good look at ourselves.”