Listen Mavado New Song “Big Like Jesus”


Mavado debuts his new single “Big Like Jesus.”

The Gullyside singer managed to anger some of his fans this week with the artwork for his new single “Big Like Jesus.” Mavado clapped back in a lengthy post on the Gram yesterday while previewing the song. “No one knows what God looks like so even the face I replaced my face with it’s not Gods face,” he wrote. After listening to the lyrics, the track will surely anger some of his religious fans even more.

“Me love when them say Jesus walk, and the man did talk you can bet him did boasy, Man a laugh mi career first class and the fassy them a talk none a them can’t coach me, everytime everytime when me diamond a shine around me neck them a pray say it choke me,” Mavado sings.

Just like his previous single, Mavado takes more shots at his critics while bragging about his status in dancehall. Listen “Big Like Jesus” below.