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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Recorded Song About Suicide Attempt

Lil Wayne interview
Lil Wayne / Young Money

Lil Wayne recorded a song about his suicide attempt to get it off his chest.

Weezy currently has one of the biggest albums of the year, Tha Carter V, and that project features a song called “Let It All Work Out” where he raps about his past suicide attempt. Lil Wayne and Odell Beckham Jr., who are two Louisiana natives, did a joint interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson where they both opened up about their dark moments and their triumphs.

On the closing track on his album, Weezy raps, “I found my momma’s pistol where she always hide it / I cry, put it to my head and thought about it / Nobody was home to stop me, so I called my auntie… Too torn apart about it, I aim where my heart was pounding / I shot it, and I woke up with blood all around me / It’s mine, I didn’t die, but as I was dying.”

Anderson asked Wayne if he was inspired to record the song by the recent suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, and he said he made the entire song four years ago. “I can’t say that it was because that song was actually recorded for probably over four years, verse everything,” the Young Money rapper said. “So I mean I’ve been felt that way from when I thought the album was coming out, I was ready to come out with it then. So whatever happened regarding the reason the album didn’t come out then over time things just happen.”

Lil Wayne says he was just ready to get things off his chest when he decided to record that verse. “The thought process of me doing that verse and what made me do it was just, I was ready to get it off my chest, and if I am going to get it off my chest in any form of way, the best way to do it is to make it rhyme,” Weezy said.

Wayne also spoke about one of the darkest moments of his career which took place recently while he was battling Birdman in court. He said he had a conversation with his mother who asked him if he wants to continue doing this given that he has already accomplished so much and has surpassed everybody. Wayne said he thought about it long and hard and while he agreed with her on the accomplishments, he said he went and recorded a song, and after listening to it, the burning question was answered, his fans need to hear this.