Ninjaman Son VinDon Drops Gritty Dancehall Trap Video

Ninjaman son VinDon

Ninjaman is one of the most iconic names in dancehall and now his son VinDon is looking to fill his shoe.

Rather than going hardcore gangsta dancehall music like his father, VinDon is dabbling in a bit of what we call trap dancehall. His new single is titled “Laps” and the gritty video is now out starring popular Jamaican actor Killa Milla. At the start of the clip, Don made reference to the popular book “48 Laws of Power,” particularly Law 19 that reads, “Know who you’re dealing with – Do not offend the wrong person.” The clip then transitioned into a violent cut with Milla getting tied up and tortured in the middle of a mine.

Ninjaman is currently in prison serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. The dancehall legend is planning to appeal the 2017 murder conviction, but we’re told that he is awaiting the outcome of fellow dancehall star, Vybz Kartel, appeal.