Vybz Kartel Right-Hand Sikka Rymes Detained By Cops On Way To Visit Deejay

Vybz Kartel right-hand man Sikka Rymes was detained by cops while on his way to visit the deejay in prison.

Sikka Rymes uploaded a video to his Instagram feed on Wednesday afternoon informing his and Vybz Kartel fans that police have detained he and two other friends. Sikka says he was on his way to visit Kartel at the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Center in Spanish Town when he was pulled over. The rising deejay says he was bringing some food for the incarcerated star when the incident took place.

“Police gone with mi again Share di news mi deh spainsh town,” he wrote. Sikka Rymes added that he has a music video shoot to do at noon, but that likely will be canceled as a result of his running with cops.

“Good morning people, me have a video shoot today zeen at twelve o’clock, and right now me deh pon my way to visit Vybz Kartel to drop off food because today is food day,” he said. “When I reached in Spanish Town with me and three other of my colleague, and police pulled us over and we allowed them to search the car and they didn’t find anything.”

Sikka Rymes added that the cops told him that they would detain his friends for processing and he has to come with them also or else they will seize his vehicle. It’s still unclear why cops detained the deejay and his friends, but there are already speculations that its part of a wider conspiracy by the police force to frustrate Vybz Kartel and his close associates.

“They are you targeting you because of your association with Vybz Kartel don’t you see you need to be more careful in the streets because next thing they try to pin a murder charge on you and your friends Sikka,” one fan wrote.