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T.I. Told Kanye West To Stop Wearing MAGA Hat, Supports His 13th Amendment Stance

Kanye West and T.I.

T.I. says he told Kanye West to stop wearing the Make America Great Again hat.

T.I. is one of only a handful of celebrities who remains close friends with Kanye West and is not publicly ridiculing him for his recent Trump rants. TIP says he spoke to Ye a day before his controversial Saturday Night Live performance and told him to stop wearing the MAGA hat. However, the Atlanta rapper supports Ye on one other controversial pointers, his wish to have the 13th Amendment of the United States constitution abolish or reform.

“I spoke to him the day before the whole Saturday Night Live thing,” T.I. said during his interview on Everyday Struggle. “On Friday I spoke to him, and we were just having a good conversation about… Everytime I talked to him about that dumbass hat I told him put that thing down. That hat is some bullsh*t.”

Kanye West has been getting a lot of criticisms, and he is not only ignoring the chatters, but also ramping up his support of Trump. During his performance on SNL on Saturday night, Ye donned a MAGA hat and managed to anger a large percentage of viewers.

During his recent interview on TMZ, Kanye West says the 13th Amendment needs to be abolished because it is “slavery in disguise meaning it never ended.” T.I. happens to agree with him to an extent saying that he is in support of amending the 13th Amendment rather than abolishing it.

“Now if slavery is abolished unless imprisoned,” TIP said in a video clip uploaded to Twitter while adding, “that means that it incentivizes mass incarceration and it also increases the amount of scrutiny put on us and the laws that affect us differently than they affect White people.”

Watch T.I. interview on Everyday Struggle below.