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50 Cent Announces New Deal Pledges $1 Million To Bellator MMA Winner

50 Cent

50 Cent has announced a new deal and pledged $1 million to the Bellator MMA fight winner.

50 Cent is in everything these days, from music to movies and TV shows, and now MMA fighting. The G-Unit rapper has one of the most commercially successful albums in hip-hop history, and now he has one of the biggest shows on premium cable. Fifty is now calling himself the new Don King with his new venture into boxing and MMA.

The deal is with the MMA for his new line of “Get the Strap” apparels. 50 Cent popularized the #Getthestrap hashtag on social media over the past year with his regular trolling of other celebrities. Now he is moving to monetize the popular phrase which he has since Trademarked.

“Oh so yal thought I was on some Bow Wow challenge sh*t. Go head keep acting like l ain’t who l am. get the strap,” he wrote on the Gram.

“You already know. We here, I’m celebrating, just did a new deal,” 50 added. “Viacom. Bellator. MMA. It’s going down. You see I got the WBA right here. This right here, next year it’s gonna just be me versus me for Hustler of the Year. I’m doing it big. I’m the heavyweight champion of this sh*t right here. I got this sh*t going. You see me. Don King ain’t Don King. Don King’s old. I’m Don King. I’m the American Dream around this motherf*cking championship scene. Working the room like a motherf*cker. But they paid me, so, check this out.”

50 Cent has always been involved in boxing in some way shape or form starting with his past friendship with Floyd Mayweather. These days the rapper and Mayweather are bitter enemies who take jabs at each other on social media ever so often.


“We are thrilled to partner with such a legendary icon who has been a friend to the Bellator family for quite some time,” said Bellator head Scott Coker (via ESPN). “The ‘Get The Strap’ apparel line is just the beginning of many joint ventures we will explore together.”