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NBA YoungBoy Fan Threw Object On Stage and Instantly Regretted It

NBA-Youngboy live

NBA YoungBoy is having quite an eventful week.

After disclosing his herpes diagnosis in a new song, the Baton Rouge rapper had a running with a fan at one of his shows. NBA YoungBoy is currently embarking on his North American tour as he promotes his new album “Decided.” The rapper was performing at the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis when a fan threw something on the stage and instantly realized that he made a grave mistake.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again had his security hauled the fan onto the stage, and then he surrounded the make fan with his goons. The clip below shows the rapper and the fan having a brief stare down each other as the crowd yelled: “beat his azz.” The audience sure was trying to instigate a fight.

Nevertheless, it seems NBA YoungBoy thought about the possible legal trouble he could get himself into if he should beat down that fan. So instead of beating him to a pulp, he threw him off the stage. Security then proceeds to remove that fan entirely from the venue. Some loyal Never Broke Again fans in the audience likely put in a punch or two before the fan was brought out of the venue.