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G-Eazy Drops Another Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track

Machine Gun Kelly and G-Eazy

G-Eazy dropped another scathing diss track aimed at Machine Gun Kelly.

It turns out that Machine Gun Kelly isn’t just beefing with Eminem, he also has G-Eazy to worry about, but so far he has been handling the onslaught from his two nemeses like a champ. I am still listening to “Rap Devil” a track that demands a response from Eminem. G-Eazy has finally responded to a fiery freestyle from MGK on Funkmaster Flex show where he raps about smashing Eazy’s girl.

“I f—-d his girl now he look like this sh*t is overbearing/How dare him I dare him/Don’t think about comparing,” Machine Gun Kelly raps. G-Eazy responded with a diss track titled “Bad Boy” where he let MGK knows that his shots just grazed him because he is still standing.

“Someone might’a lit a fire inside the soul of me / Your shots just graze me, I’m standing, ain’t put a hole in me / I answer to no one, nobody can get control of me / MGK please stop trolling me, get over me / You wanna be me, you’re mad that you’re not as big as me,” G-Eazy raps.

Here is Machine Gun Kelly freestyle on Funk Flex.