Labba Labba Apologize To Beenie Man Backtracks Claims About Bogle


Labba Labba says sorry to Beenie Man but the damage is already done.

Labba Labba has stepped forward to apologize to Beenie Man as he backtracks a previous statement claiming that the dancehall icon is responsible for the 2006 murder of legendary dancer Bogle. In a new video sent to Urban Islandz, the former dancer says he was drunk off Hennessy when he did the interview and didn’t mean to say what he said.

In the short clip, Labba said he was drinking some Hennessy before he did the impromptu interview where he made some very serious claims that Beenie Man paid $100,000 to have Bogle killed. On the night Bogle was shot and killed, he disrespected Beenie with two chickens.

Labba is now claiming that he doesn’t know anything about the dancehall legend nor Tristan Palmer son being involved in the unsolved murder. “I just want to apologize to Tristan and his son and Beenie Man,” he said.

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