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XXXTentacion Triggerman and Fourth Suspect Arrested and Charged

XXXTentacion suspect Trayvon Newsome

Cops are one step closer to giving XXXTentacion’s family justice.

A fourth suspect, who is believed to be the triggerman in XXXTentacion‘s murder, was arrested and charged on Tuesday. Trayvon Newsome turned himself into police through his lawyer on August 7th. The 20-year-old murder suspect was taken into custody in Broward County, FL and charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon, TMZ reported. Police officers believed that Newsome was the main trigger man in the robbery and shooting incident that claimed the young rapper’s life on June 18.

So far cops have arrested all four suspects and charged them with first-degree murder. They are all facing life in prison if found guilty. At least one suspect, Michael Boatwright, who was the third suspect to be arrested, has pleaded not guilty to his alleged involvement in the crime.

Dedrick Williams was the first suspect to be arrested followed by Robert Allen. All four suspects in the murder are now behind bars. Investigators managed to get video surveillance in the area of the murder that helped them solve the case.

XXXTentacion was shot and killed almost instantly in broad daylight on June 18 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The “Look At Me” rapper was shopping for a motorcycle at a dealership when the four men scouted him out and robbed and shot him shortly after he left the dealership. They took a Louis Vuitton bag filled with $50,000.

Last month, a grand jury indicted all four men for first-degree murder and armed robbery, paving the way for them to be brought to justice.