Spice and Tommie Lee Went At It On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

Tommie Lee and Spice

Spice and her collaborator Tommie Lee went at each other during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion special.

Spice and Tommie Lee released their new video “Imma Get It” last weekend but it seems there was a lot of drama surrounding the shooting of the clip. We got a glimpse of what the two ladies were up to. In one episode, we saw the dancehall diva cursing out Tommie for turning up late and drunk to the music video set.

It seems working together drove a wedge between them and those old wounds never heeled. During the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, Spice and Tommie Lee again butt heads with the two females yelling across to each other until things got so heated that security had to step in between them.

“Every last video I’ve seen from you is horrible honey,” Tommie told Spice who clap back saying, “But you don’t got none because my last video got over a million views.”