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Lil Yachty Speaks At XXXTentacion’s Memorial Chided Older Rappers

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty have some things to get off his chest when it comes to “older rappers.”

Yachty visited XXXTentacion’s memorial where he spoke out against the rapper’s killing and offer some kind words to his supporters. “I sent this tweet out because I see all over the internet, all over the United States people are gathering together,” he said. “To remember the king and the legend XXX you know what am saying. Ya’ll know how it has been affecting me, he was really important to everybody you know what am saying.”

Lil Yachty says XXXTentacion‘s music was way before his time. The Teenage Emotions rapper went on Instagram Instagram Live on Tuesday to vent about not getting enough support from the veterans in the business. This has been a constant complain from younger rappers who think that the OGs in the industry are trying to stifle their careers. Lil Yachty went a step further to call out his older peers for listening to the younger acts music in the privacy of their home and then refusing to acknowledge it in public.

After XXXTentacion’s death last week, several prominent rappers including Kanye West went on social media to praise the late Florida rapper. Master P was one of those OG in the game that spoke out against what he calls “phony” rappers. Many believe that he was talking about artists like Kanye West and others who expressed their love for X’s music after he died.


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