Mavado Associate Shot And Killed In Kingston After He Was Shot At

Mavado chase cross

An associate of Mavado was shot and killed in Kingston last weekend.

Within hours after the Mavado shooting incident last weekend, a man, who is reportedly a friend of the singer, was shot and killed in Constant Spring. Multiple sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that Ian Robinson, aka Gaza Man, of Cassava Piece, was gunned down a short while after a group of men shot at Mavado. We’re told that around 9 PM on Saturday, a white Nissan wagon pulled near the Constant Spring Market and one man alighted from the vehicle and open fire at Robinson.

Police sources told us that Robinson died on the scene from his injuries. It’s somewhat ironic that someone name Gaza Man would be close friends with Mavado given the Gully/Gaza history. Nevertheless, Cassava Piece has been tense since last weekend’s shooting incident involving the dancehall star who is a popular figure in the community. Cops are investigating the two incident separately and there is no word yet if they are both linked.

Mavado is still coming to grips with an attempt by armed men in his Cassava Piece community to take his life. The Gullyside singer was shot at following a dispute with another man in the community. Around 11:30 Am on Saturday, Mavado went to his old hood to settle a dispute between his son and another man, but instead of making peace the two men got into a heated argument which ended in the entertainer punching the other man in the face.

That wasn’t the end of it because the same man left the scene and came back a short time later with two armed men who fired shots at Mavado. The singer managed to escape the hail of bullets and ran to the Constant Spring police station where he filed a report. Cops have since taken one man into custody.