Ray J Gush About His Baby Girl Melody Norwood In Heartfelt Message

Ray J and Princess Love

Ray J shares a heartfelt message to his baby girl Melody Norwood.

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star has been sharing some adorable photos of his first child with Prince Love on social media all week. Princess Love gave birth to the baby girl name Melody Love Norwood on May 23rd. Ray J seems like he is the happiest man in the world right now. Being a parent is something magical and the R&B singer is already embracing fatherhood.

“‘Melody Love Norwood’ the most beautiful girl in the World,” Ray J wrote. “I Never thought I would feel God move thru me like this!!! You are my heart and soul!! I will die 4 you! You are the true meaning of love! Your sooooo special I couldn’t stop crying when you were born. I will be there for you every minute of the way. I will be the best Dad in history! Thank you God for giving me someone to really live for!”

Ray J ended his statement by expressing the newfound respect he has for his wife Princess Love after seeing what she went through to give the couple a child. “[Princess Love] I will be with u forever and I love you and respect you to another level!” he wrote.