Barrington Levy Recovering After Getting Shot In The Back

Barrington Levy
Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy is currently recovering from a gunshot wound to his back.

The dancehall legend posted a video last night on social media telling his fans that he almost lost his life after being accidentally shot in his back. He then lifted up his shirt to show the bandages on his lower back where he was wounded. Some fans are wondering if this is another publicity stunt from the singer but turns out it’s not and he did in fact grazed by a bullet.

While he didn’t explain how he got shot, Barrington Levy assured fans that he is okay although he admitted he is lucky to be alive. “I just want to say to you it’s a shame how you can be here today and gone tomorrow,” he said. “I want to share this with you. I accidentally get shot last night in my back. We’re here and we’re saying give thanks for life because we don’t know when anything can happen, in a minute, in a second.”

Earlier this month, Barrington Levy posted a video on IG telling his fans that he has a virus. The statement sent off a media firestorm with everyone showing deep concern about his health. He later revealed that he is in perfect health, but the virus he was referring to is called the “love virus.”

Coming out with this video now raised a lot of doubts as to how genuine he is. Urban Islandz reached out to his team who confirmed with us that the singer was indeed accidentally shot but is okay.