Tommy Lee Sparta Released From Jail On Judge’s Order

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta will be walking out of jail any minute now after a judge ordered his immediate release.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay, real name Leroy Russell, has been in police custody for a little over a week now and still was not charged with a crime. Last week, his new attorneys Tom Tavares-Finson and Donahue Martin went to court in Montego Bay to have the entertainer release and a judge ruled that he should be released by today (May 29).

The police department went to court on Tuesday in an attempt to ask the judge to hold Tommy Lee longer in their custody, but St James Parish Judge Sandria Wong Small denied their request. Cops wanted to detain Tommy Lee Sparta for a prolonged period of time under the state of emergency in St. James but his lawyers filed a habeas corpus application and the judge sided with them and ordered his immediate release.

A number of supporters of the dancehall star have converged at the Freeport police station in Montego Bay calling for the release of the entertainer who has deep roots in the city.

Tommy Lee Sparta was arrested by a group of mask police officer in Kingston last week Sunday after withdrawing money from an ATM. He was then transferred to Montego Bay where law enforcement says he is involved in organized crime. Tommy Lee has denied the allegations and police have yet to charge him with a crime. The deejay says they are trying to set him up and charge him with crimes that he has nothing to do with.

Still, the police high command in St. James insists that Tommy Lee is one of the most notorious gangsters in the parish who is behind a lot of the recent murders. The dancehall artist’s management will be releasing a statement shortly.