Bob Marley’s Granddaughter Racial Profiling Case Takes Unexpected Turn 911 Caller Claims Victim

The Bob Marley granddaughter saga just took an unexpected turn.

The white woman who called the cops on Donisha Prendergast and her friends at a house in Rialto last month is now claiming that she is the victim of death threats. At first glance, it may seem like this is just another case of racial profiling where a white person called the cops on a black person because they look suspicious. But now the case is heading into some new territory with the 911 caller claiming to be the victim.

The Blast reported that the woman is now telling authorities that she is in fear of her life after getting multiple death threats. Authorities have not released her identity because they fear that some people may seek her out for retribution because the case was racially motivated. The threats are mostly coming from social media, according to the police.

Donisha Prendergast, who is an activist and the granddaughter of reggae legend Bob Marley, was in California last month for a music festival where her uncles were performing. She was also in LA for a public speaking event and that’s where she was heading.

Prendergast has since lawyered up and is planning to sue for racial profiling. She and her friends were detained for hours by four cops without any charge. The white woman who made the call says she believe that they were robbing the house when they were only renting it through Airbnb.

“We have never been who we must become today for the sake of tomorrow… overcome petty prejudice to achieve the ultimate allegiance, which is not to Nations, but to human beings,” Prendergast wrote on IG. “Some won’t recognize that Love in its purest form must be defiant. To create new models of coexistence, we must redefine Respect and Dignity. Standardize Grace as protocol.”