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Daz Dillinger Says Kanye West Crips Threat Was Very Real

Daz Dillinger recently made some threats to Kanye West using the crips and he says it was very real.

Daz, who has serious gang ties in the Long Beach California area, aka LBC, was one of many celebrities outraged by some recent statement that Kanye West made about Donald Trump and that slavery was a choice. The rapper posted a video on social media announcement that he ordered the crips gang to beat up Kanye on sight and now he is saying he was very serious despite cops saying that the threats were empty.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department started looking into the threats shortly after Daz Dillinger posted the video but came up empty handed. Cops have since closed the case as empty threats, but Daz is telling his friends that he was dead serious.

The crips hierarchy in the LBC also calls Daz threats BS saying that Kanye is welcomed in their parts of town anytime and no harm will come towards him. Doubt that Ye will be venturing anywhere near the LBC because he has no reasons to.