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Cardi B Went HAM On Azealia Banks Beef Far From Over

Cardi B

Cardi B claps back at Azealia Banks a clear sign that their beef is far from over.

Azealia Banks did an interview today on The Breakfast Club where she lambasts Cardi B calling her “a caricature of black women” and an illiterate rapper. Of course, she didn’t expect Cardi B to sit back and not respond. Well,the Bronx rapper responded and she went HAM. Banks also said that hip hop lowered the bar for Cardi B to rise to stardom.

“Beyoncé? Wasn’t Beyoncé the same woman she was talking sh*t about and dragging all over the media?” Cardi B wrote. “I’m from the hood, I speak how I speak, I am how I am. I did not choose to be famous, people choose me! This is coming from a woman that bleached her skin but want to advocate. GOODBYE. I’m not apologizing or killing myself because of who I am.”

Cardi B didn’t stop there and fired off a series of Tweets condemning Azealia Banks and the rest of her haters. “Why is it that male rappers can speak how they want act how they want but people constantly bash me for it ? Why do i feel like i have to apologize for being who i am ?talking how i talk and being what ya call “Ghetto “ wtff .LEAVE ME ALONE,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Every week it seems like I’m in somebody’s mouth,” Cardi B added. “Why was nobody talking about me when i was on love and hip hop ?all of a sudden I’m the reason why the world is such a terrible place .I be minding my business i wake up and boom something about Cardi !i don’t get it.”

Cardi B also posted a snippet from an old interview that Azealia Banks did where she praised Cardi and calls herself a fan.