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Young Dolph Drops “Slave Owner” Amidst Kanye West Fallout

Young Dolph drops the video for his “Slave Owner” single amidst Kanye West fallout with the black community over his slavery being a choice comments.

The timing for this song and music video couldn’t have been more wrong but so far Young Dolph is getting a different reception than Kanye West perhaps because of the clever message he is sending. It would’ve been epic if he had just cast Kanye in the video as the Uncle Tom character.

In the video, Young Dolph portrays himself as a slave owner and he simply doesn’t care if you’re offended or not. The video also features a white plantation owner and a number of smoking hot models as Dolph showed off his expensive jewelry including some shiny Rolex watches and diamond chains.

Young Dolph is clearly not offering up this video as a rebuttal to Kanye West whose ignorance on the touchy issue of slavery was on full display in TMZ newsroom earlier this week. So what exactly is Dolph trying to do here aside from stir up more controversy when the issue is still raw in a lot of people’s minds. Perhaps the end goal for both himself and Kanye is to sell more records.