LA Lewis On Royal Wedding “I Was Not Invited”

LA Lewis confirmed he will not be attending the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry because he was not invited.

The self-proclaim seven star general claimed that he is a close friend of the queen, but for some reason he will not be among the 600 guests at the wedding ceremony of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry later at the St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle later this month. LA Lewis says he has already sent his well wishes, but will not be in attendance because of his busy schedule.

“”I was not invited, but you know LA Lewis does not need an invitation as it relates to the royal family,” Lewis said. “If LA Lewis should just pop at any given time, ‘acceptation’ will always be there because I am the only royalty in the Caribbean.”

LA Lewis is know for his admiration for Queen Elizabeth II who is Prince Harry’s grandmother. The deejay recently released a song with a voice that sounds similar to the queen’s. Despite not going to the wedding, LA says he will be in the UK later this month to shoot the music video for the single “Big Up The Greatest Queen.”