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Nicki Minaj Gets Sued For Jacking T-Shirt Designs

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is facing some new legal troubles from a lawsuit filed against her.

Isiah Simon fled a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Universal Music Group over some T-Shirt designs on their merchandising website. Simon, who is an artist, claimed that he designed the below heart shape boob and copyright it around Valentine’s Day in 2015. He used the art to display “I Love Venice Beach.”

His lawsuit claims that Nicki Minaj and UMG “brazingly” jacked his copyright design to make profits. He not only wants the company to take down the merchandise, but also wants a judge to award him all the profits that they already made from selling the T-Shirts that says “I Love Nicki.”

Nicki nor UMG has not yet responded to the lawsuit, according to TMZ.