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Kanye West Trolls Ebro On “Lift Yourself” Here Is How Twitter Responded

Kanye West trolls Ebro endlessly on his new single “Lift Yourself.”

The Chicago rapper has been trolling us all week and now he dropped a new single “Lift Yourself” that takes trolling to a whole new level. Folks have been saying that Kanye West is off his meds, but this ni99a knows exactly what he is doing. After going on a tweet storm early in the week about his love for Trump and his hatred for Obama.

His rant on Twitter drew some heavy backlash but it managed to do one thing for Kanye, and that’s drummed up a lot of publicity right before he released two new singles. It paid off, because everyone was listening to “Lift Yourself” and “Ye vs. the People” featuring T.I.

The lyrics for “Lift Yourself” was unexpected with Kanye rapping things like “Poopy-di scoop, Scoop-diddy-whoop, Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop.” Ye has yet to tell what those lyrics mean but he is clearly just trolling at this point.

The other politically charged single, “Ye vs. the People” was a different story. The track found Kanye and T.I. trading bars about their political beliefs from Trump to Obama to cops killing African American men.

Ebro and a number of fans have since shared their reactions to Kanye West new single and here is some of what they have to say. “We already knew you was #TrollYeWest,” Ebro tweeted.