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Lil Pump Buys $4.5 Million Mansion Shade J. Cole Again

Lil Pump claimed that he bought a $4.5 million mansion because he just wakes up one day and feels bored and want to take some shots at J. Cole.

There are a lot of attention on 17-year-old rapper Lil Pump these days and some of it is good for him and some of it not so much. He caught J. Cole’s attention recently when he released a diss track aimed at the Dreamville rapper who responded in a track off his new album titled “1985.” Cole didn’t just take some shots at Pump on the catchy single, he obliterate all the new wave rappers in the game.

The “Gucci Gang” rapper responded in a post on SnapChat rather than going back in the studio to answer. On another track on the album aptly titled “ATM,” J. Cole raps about rappers making a lot of money and then going broke and loosing everything. Clearly, Lil Pump wasn’t about to listen to a rapper he hates so he woke up one day and decided to splurge a couple million dollars on a house and some new toys because he was bored.

Perhaps he just wanted to send a message to J. Cole that he is rich and will never go broke. “So listen up everybody,” he said. “I just woke up the other day and I got bored so you know what I did? I went and dropped $4.5 million on a house. You know why? Because I can. I hear all you lil stupid azz ni99as talking about ‘you gone go broke you gone go broke.’ That’s why I just went and dropped $4.5 million on a crib, am about to go buy another Wraith, am about to go buy five more buzz… Am about to go buy everything and guess what? Am still going to be rich.”

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