Beenie Man Takes Aim At Popcaan & Vybz Kartel In New Diss Track

Beenie Man is about to drop a new Popcaan and Vybz Kartel diss track and it sounds fire.

So Beenie and Popcaan have been beefing for the past week thanks to a viral video showing the dancehall legend disrespecting the Unruly Boss telling him to go bleep his mother. The self-proclaim king of the dancehall tried to walk back his statement saying he wasn’t dissing Poppy, but the damage has already been done.

Over the weekend, Foota Hype previewed a new Beenie Man song which sounds like a direct shot at not just Popcaan, but also Vybz Kartel. “Me deh ya so before them / them come ya come see me / Now them a tell me say me badmind / badmind for what, badmind who, what / Mind badmind give yo brain tumor / A serious thing this a no humor / Everyday yo get up a spread rumor / Remember shark bigger than tuna / Nike deh a road before Puma,” Beenie Man deejays.

Basically, Beenie is saying that he couldn’t be envious of Popcaan for anything because he has been in the business much longer and has accomplish a lot more. He also accused Poppy of spreading rumors about the video which he cleared up saying he wasn’t even talking about the Unruly deejay.

In the next few lines, the Doc took aim at Vybz Kartel where he deejays, “Me alone me alone / Live in a glass house yo don’t throw stone / Me alone, me alone / Worl’Boss last album me think a me / If yo see yo girl she think a me.” Vybz Kartel last album is titled King of the Dancehall and we all know that Beenie crowned himself as the dancehall king since the mid-1990s.