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Lil Pump Reacts To J. Cole “1985” Diss Track

Lil Pump has reacted to J. Cole scathing diss track “1985.”

J. Cole dropped his new album “K.O.D” last night and one of the biggest takeaways from the project is the single “1985” where he addresses Lil Pump diss track from last year and put all the other Lil mumble rappers in their lane. The Dreamville emcee did it effortlessly over a catchy beat and some hip hop fans are already urging Pump to not respond and or else it could prove detrimental to his career. The problem is he is not listening.

Lil Pump uploaded a video on SnapChat where he calls J. Cole lame for dissing a 17-year-old rapper. “Wow, you get so much props, you dissed a 17 year old, lame a*s jet,” he said.

Is Pump using the “too young to beef” card on J. Cole who is 33 years old or is he right for saying Cole should’ve not responded. Either way, younger artists disrespecting the veterans in the business has become a major thing in hip hop over the past year. We saw young acts dissing icons like Tupac Shakur and Nas and artists and fans have been pushing back, just asked Lil Xan.

While J. Cole didn’t confirm the track as a Lil Pump diss, the lyrics pretty much point us towards that direction. “I heard one of em’ dissed me, I’m suprised / I ain’t trippin’, listen good to my reply / Come here lil’ man, let me talk with ya’,” the Roc Nation rapper raps.

It’s unclear if Pump will respond with a diss track or stay silent on the beef going forward. He has a lot to gain and also a lot to loose by continuing down this path of beefing with J. Cole, so we’ll see. Here is the video he posted on SnapChat on Friday.