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J. Cole Makes Counting Money Looks Cool In “ATM” Video

J. Cole is counting up all his stacks like its habitual in his new video “ATM.”

The Dreamville leader unleashed his new album, “KOD” for short of “Kids On Drugs,” last night. He has been a trending topic on social media ever since the project dropped and he is not done yet dropping new material from the project. J. Cole only announced the album five days before releasing it and did little or no promotion. He did host a free concert for his New York fans on Monday where he made the big reveal.

“ATM” features Cole stacking up his cash while rapping about his real feelings towards his money. “I know that it’s difficult / I’m stackin’ this paper, it’s sort of habitual / I blow the residual / And f**kin’ yo b*tch like its part of my ritual / Pardon the visual / But money, it give me a hard-on it’s typical,” he raps.

The video for “ATM” was directed by Scott Lazer and provides a visuals fitting for the hustle anthem. The official meaning of J. Cole’s album “KOD” is “Kids On Drugs,” “King Overdose,” and “Kill Our Demons.”