Vybz Kartel Goes Viral With New Song “Under Water”

Vybz Kartel is back on the airwaves with a brand new single “Under Water.”

Been a couple weeks since we’ve gotten new music from Vybz Kartel who is known to drop three or four songs per week. The reason for his slowdown over the last two months is not clear, but our sources inside the Gaza told us that he is working on a major project due later this year, possibly after his appeal trial. “The main focus now is the appeal but the fans will be getting a major project possibly coming this summer,” sources said.

The Incarcerated dancehall deejay drops an animated video for the TJ Records-produced single. “Love it when yo tick it and yo tac it / When yo sit down pon the matic it a vanish like a magic / Skip it and yo lap it if yo sell it yo mek a profit / Up in a the attic the two a we go at it,” Kartel deejay. The track cracks half a million views in two days on YouTube and climbing.

Vybz Kartel appeal trial is set to begin in July and will last at least two weeks in the Jamaica Appeal Court. Listen his new song “Under Water” below.