Nas Says It’s Time For Hip Hop To Unite

Nas is calling for hip hop artists to unite and stop the beefs.

Arguably one of the greatest of all-time, Nas commands the respect of both veterans and new cats in the game after cementing his legendary status through his skills on the mic. Over the years, Nas has received his fair share of criticisms including that time folks were highly critical of him a decade ago when he declared “hip hop is dead.” Rap is alive and well and is, in fact, going through another golden era right now, but there are some new artists who are having a hard time winning over the masses.

Over the weekend, Nas took to his Instagram page to advocate for unity hip hop. “Today’s game is as big as it gets,” he wrote. “It seems like nobody gettin along tho. It’s a big enough game to do what you do and let ya talent speak for itself. This new cat over here says something bad about Pac. This older guy gets mad at the new guy. Or “Nas ain’t hip hop. Migos and Future are Hip Hop” Neil Diamond x Jack White have a Concert coming up together. Gettin it done.”

Nas singled out the disunity among black artists in his message to all the artists in rap. “White musicians have that freedom and are praised for coming together… more power to them and I’m a fan of it,” he added. “Why can’t black artist do that and make it cool? We are all artists, let’s all evolve together. Walk With Me. WALK THRU.”

While Nas has been part of feuds in hip hop in the past, over the past years he trod a different path of peace and unity. He even made peace with his former foes like JAY-Z whom he had one of the most famous hip hop feuds with.