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Joyner Lucas Trolling Logic Amidst Wife’s Divorce

Joyner Lucas and Logic beef is nowhere near over.

Lucas and Logic have been beefing for almost a year now and there are no signs it will be over anytime soon. Of course, you already heard the bad news about the “1-800-273-8255? rapper and his wife Jessica Andrea called it quits and are heading for divorce. Seems Joyner Lucas is now basking in his nemesis relationship demise. After hearing about the news, JL tweeted “Her and bobby Valentino are really done?” while adding a heart eye and a side eye emoji.

Joyner Lucas took some shots at Logic last year May when he dropped “Mask On” remix when he rapped about being compared to his rival. “And don’t you compare me to Logic (never) / Go listen to Sriracha / Yeah, that’s Amanda to Ronda / And that’s a Benz to a Honda,” he raps. Those were some pretty direct lines that didn’t go unanswered. Turns out the beef started when Lucas called out Logic for not emulating the fast flow during a radio interview. JL also reference the “1-800-273-8255? single which was a massive Billboard hit last year. He says the song title was chosen to compete with his 508-507-2209 project.

Logic wasn’t buying the argument and decided to respond on the single “Yuck” saying Lucas is envious of his recent successes and not his flow or song title. “Bet if I never picked up the mic then we might be homies / But you jealous, you look at my life and you feel envy / Constantly comparing yourself to me and feel empty,” he raps.

On a side note, Joyner Lucas recently started following Logic’s soon to be ex-wife Jessica Andrea on Instagram so perhaps he was right about the envy thing. Perhaps it’s also time for these two to either drop some serious diss records and make peace and move on.