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Lil Wayne Warn Fans Who Throw Bottles On Stage “My Friends Got Pistols”

Lil Wayne dealt with this situation only the best way he could.

Artists never like when concertgoers rush the stage or throw stuff onto the stage like bottles, underwear or anything of the sort. Nevertheless, Lil Wayne was performing in Sydney, Australia at the Jumanji Festival when one fan decided the throw an object on the stage. The Young Money rapper told his DJ to cut the music instantly, but he dealt with it better than he has in the past when he would throw it back or simply just end the performance.

“Okay, so let me let you know,” Lil Wayne said. “Where I’m from, I think ya’ll know that’s the states, we don’t throw sh*t on stage because all my ni**as got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, I’m a be more safe and I’m a be the bigger person and just leave, cause I don’t wanna kill everybody.”

Lil Wayne then continued his performance and we’re told that everyone had a great time and the show ended without any further incidents. Seems the stern warning was enough to ward off anyone else who would consider throwing another bottle on stage.

Lil Wayne and his former mentor Birdman recently reunited in Miami. The two are currently working to repair their broken relationship. Weezy is still suing Birdman and Cash Money Records for $51 million and there is no word yet on whether they have settled that lawsuit, but at least they are on speaking terms which is the first step to working out their issues. Nevertheless, the Cash Money head recently revealed in an interview that Wayne’s long awaited album Tha Carter V is coming this year for sure. Bare in mind that he said the same thing last year and it wasn’t forthcoming.