Jovi Rockwell Taps Ding Dong For New Single “Aight”

Jovi Rockwell and Ding Dong collaborated for the first time on the new single “Aight.”

The track, which also features Johnny Bravo, has been getting a lot of airplay locally as Ding Dong continues to make his presence felt in dancehall. “Aight” brings forth a modern dancehall sound with productions from Kool Face’s label Matao Muzic. “The song is very catchy and is bursting with energy and creativity, I am just very happy with the final product,” Kool Face said.

Ding Dong had a phenomenal year in dancehall last year with one of the biggest dance single “Fling Yuh Shoulda.”

“I’ve been working on and off with Jovi Rockwell and Ding Dong for over 10 years so I have chemistry with both of them where music and creativity is concerned,” the producer added. “Reaching out to them was as natural as breathing.”

Listen to the track “Aight” below.