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Stevie J Heads To Prison For Failing To Pay Million Dollar Child Support Tab

Stevie J is heading to prison for failing to pay his $1.3 million child support tab.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star owe his baby mama over a million dollars in child support and they have been in and out of court for years trying to hash things out. TMZ reported that Stevie J has until April 10th, a little over a month time, to either pay the full bill or turn himself into authorities to begin serving time behind bars in New York. The US Attorney Southern District of NY didn’t specify how long he will have to serve.

These cases are usually handled at the state level but where Stevie J’s case is different is the length of time he has been in arrears and the massive amount owed. On top of that, the parties involved lives in different states, so these facts make it now a federal case which is much more serious and could see the producer/rapper serving hard time behind bars.

A year ago, Stevie J pleaded guilty to charges of failure to pay his child support when he appeared in court in New York City. He was ordered then to pay $1,304,835.86 which he took full responsibility for. That wasn’t the end, he was also slapped with three years probation which he could have avoided if he forked over the dough, but he hasn’t paid a penny since then.

New York prosecutors wanted Stevie J to serve prison time last year February when he pleaded guilty to failure to pay his child support. Seems their request is finally being granted and there is no word from the Love and Hip Hop star yet on the latest news. Nevertheless, he might be keeping silent per request from his lawyers who am sure is working hard at the moment to find a solution other than jail time.