Khago Taste Success With New Album “Walk A Mile”


Khago is currently enjoying some success with his new album Walk A Mile despite some recent social media drama.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen Khago on social media ranting about topics including other artists, dancehall fans hating on him, and the one that takes the cake was when he rips his mother and sister following a bitter fallout. Outside of the social media drama he has been facing, Khago is currently enjoying some air time with his new album.

The project debut at No. 5 on the Billboard Reggae Chart last month following its release on February 9th. The album comes with 15 tracks and one guest spot to Sky Bad. Khago, who is living in Florida after migrating from Jamaica, has one message for his critics, never write him off. The title track on the album “Walk A Mile” has been doing very well.

He told us that he didn’t expect the song and the album to do so well but after seeing the positive feedback on social media he decided to release the full album. He also added that he didn’t receive any help from the music industry and undertake the production all on his own.

You can now get Khago new album Walk A Mile on iTunes.