Nicki Minaj Gets Dragged Into The Safaree Challenge

Nicki Minaj is getting dragged into the Safaree Challenge which is in full swing on Twitter.

Since his meat was leaked online on Sunday, Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels has won over a large volume of female fans even those who previously trashed him in the past or call him corny. There are even some Nicki Minaj fans out there commenting on his IG telling him sorry for turning their back on him post his breakup with Nicki.

These are the same females who are causing an uproar on Twitter with the unsolicited Safaree Challenge and something tells me a lot of folks are going to get kicked off Twitter for participating in this one. This is the same behavior that resulted in Instagram banning the eggplant hashtag back in 2015. At the time, an Instagram spokesperson said the hashtag was associated with content that violates it’s terms and condition and was offensive to a large volume of users.

So if you see the #SafareeChallenge hashtag trending be sure to expect IG or Twitter to pull the plug on it soon. Here are some of the reactions so far and Nicki Minaj is taking center stage even though she had nothing to do with the leak.

Safaree Samuels new single “Hunnid” drops today so be sure to check Urban Islandz for more details.