NBA Youngboy Girlfriend Jania Speaks On Body Slamming Video

Rapper NBA Youngboy is currently behind bars and his girlfriend Jania is speaking out on his alleged assault.

The Baton Rouge rapper was arrested on Saturday in Tallahassee, Florida and charged with assault and kidnapping. The 18-year-old rapper is in a world of legal troubles and it seems like his past is catching up with him. Here is where things got interesting. The rapper and his girlfriend, Jania, were at a hotel and somehow a fight broke out. Surveillance footage from the hotel lobby has since hit the net showing him body slamming his girlfriend and dragging her.

Jania is now speaking out defending her man saying that they were just playing. “I was pulling him, that’s just us, that’s how we like to play,” she said in a video posted on Twitter. She also denied that he was holding her captive. “He also ask me if I want to go home, ‘Nene do you want to go home’ no I don’t want to go home I like being with him. So if I was being held against my will then wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t ask me that. Kentrell ask me that all the time so kidnapped f*** no ain’t nobody getting kidnapped. Has he ever put his hand on me f*** no.”

Kentrell is NBA Youngboy’s government name. Bottomline is Jania pretty much denied all the kidnapping and assault allegations and says that they are 18 so what do people expect. “Mind ya’ll business and get ya’ll own business,” she added. “Ya’ll making false allegations and we are good I promise you that.”

As for the video in the hotel hallway, she claimed that they were just playing and that’s about it, but you can watch the video below and judge for yourself. NBA YoungBoy had a show on Saturday night in Tallahassee but he never showed up, TMZ reported. Cops caught up to him on his tour bus and arrested him for an outstanding warrant.

Bottomline is, even if NBA Youngboy is abusing her, she clearly doesn’t want any help from anyone.